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NEW SCRIPT! | Episode 1 (Novel ver.) - Super Z Bros. Force!

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-Episode #1

In the year 2075, 11 earth years after the destruction of strikalon...

-Present Day on Venus

"AWWW!!! My Butt... Why're we always fightin' on Venus Anyways....?", Your Brother Zedzerain Yelled Out after receiving a bad beating.

"Let's face the facts, kid! You're weak!! And you said you wanna get stronger, right? Well, suck it up Already!! Venus.is.our ONLY.Chance... It's One of the closest Celestial Bodies in the Solar System to our home Planet(in terms of Pressure and Atmosphere of course...) So, Like it or not, this is THE place to train(as of now...)", Your brother Zikyle said Smuggly and proudly with a devilish smurk on his face.

"Well i mean... you are right about Venus being a great training ground and all, but yuh didn't need to be so insulting towards the boy...", you said

"Whatever you say, Zitan!! I'll have you know that you're in no position to mak-"

"Demands? Zikyle... i am FOURR Years Older than you!! stop acting Like you can just boss me 'round all the time!! i'll put you in your place if it's the Last thing i do!!!", You said angrily and aggressively to Zikyle

"Oh.. I'm so scared! Haha!!"

"Put him in his Place, Zitan! I'm routin' for youu!! I can't stand bein' be-"


"You're gonna pay up!! Zikyle!! i remember when i was a kid and i got tortured up... just like him...", you said regrudgingly

"Hmph", you're muther uttered as she smurked

"Shut up momm... i'm busy", you rebelled

"What did you just say...? Want me tuh join up in there TWO?!!?"

"Whatever... doesn't make a Difference either way...", you replied?

"If ya want, i could come in FOURR Zitan! Then it could be an EPIC FREE FOR ALL where da whole family's battlin'! An' even if i get beat again, as long as know you're there, i'll be glad to... because you're my friend", Zedzerain said with pride

"Thanks Zi'zerane, you'll always be my boy", you replied

"So be it then...", both Zikyle and YOUR MUUTHER murmered

*You square off with Zikyle

*ZEDzerAIN square off with YOU MAMi

You waite a couple minutes...

"What's wrong with you? Come fight me, Zitan! Or are you toooo scared..........", Zikyle Said Menacingly

"I could say the same for youuuu!!", you replied

You two keep standing like that, while the fight between your mother and Zedzerain has already begu-

"I am not moving until you move, Zitan"

"Well someone's gotta do somethin' sometime and that someone... IS MEEEE!!!!!", you Shouted as you charged some powerful Blasts and Fired!

But as soon as Zikyle Blocked the Blasts, you squared-off firmly again.
"Soooo.... i suppose it's "hip to be Square"?? If you know what i mean???"
"Shuut uup Zikyle!!"
Zikyle Rushed out and grabbed you! Your worst nightmares become really!! Reacting aggetatedly, you used the one part that wasn't grabbed (your Left arm) to do a Buu-Ccoo-Cheef!!! That had to hurt... right???
But because of that move you made, it left an opening for to punch you once in the stomach with his right and a second time quickly in the face with his left, but that gave you a chance to grab him Back on both of his hands!!
You then did a Double Short-changed Scar-Man GRAB Fang on both sides of his face!! and Qickly Squared back in a more Offensive postion this time!
He stood there for a while feeling kinda dizzy and in pain from the devastating quick-sniped blows you landed to his head AND face! But, you being the peace-minded individual you are, you waited for him to recover! Blinded by more rage, he tried punching you head-on!
"Big.Mistake..", you murmered as you side-stepped very casually to the side avoiding his punch,then he tried redirecting it at you, but you raised your right hand to the left of your face, where he was going to punch, twist-grabbed the hand and very briefly used it to propel your Arm(Elbow Side) to his face, Bashing him straight into that Boulder Over there!
"It's about time we ended this", you said as you flipped up and double kicked him into the ground causing the Lava in the Gyser underneath him To Boil up and Blast Himinto the Air! You took this as an opportunity to crush him between the Force of your Super-Charged Punches and The Lava Blast. Alas, He Was Knocked out, but you still had your mother to take care of...
You saw your Brother about to do a Scar-Man Fox Fang and Fip-dashed back in to Join In on the Fun! You used Half of your energy to put Zikyle in his place, so you'll use a quarter now... SCAR-MAN FOX FANG!! You thought you beat your Mother! But the Smoke Cleared and It just Was Not Enough... You were then knocked unconcious instantly.

"While you were knocked out, your mother grabbed the three of you and carried you all back home, but while she was flying, as soon as she entered Earth's atmosphere, she noticed two individuals seeming to be humans. They looked as if they were gonna fall to their doom, so in an act of generosity, she swooped in, grabbed and held onto one of the individuals whom was falling

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