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Why WWE Wrestling Fans Suck

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Why WWE Wrestling Fans Suck

Video Credit: https://youtu.be/zbdtZcs0Zlw

Before you dislike the video and unsubscribe, I’m not talking about most of you. I am talking about a small percentage of annoying fans who need to be called out. Wrestling is truly a special thing. Athletes are putting their bodies through so much physical pain just to entertain millions of people.

Naturally, everyone who watches develops a favorite superstar. That is a special relationship you create with someone you truly connect with. You’d assume that WWE fans would be happy if their favorite superstar is on top of the company winning championships, right? Well, that’s where it gets a little complicated with WWE fans.

They aren’t the normal type of fans and let me explain what I mean exactly. Anyways, let's get right onto the video: Why WWE Wrestling Fans Suck. ENJOY! If you do leave a LIKE, SUB and TAKE CARE SPIKE YOUR HAIR!

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