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XVGM Radio Podcast - Episode 34: Super Smash Bros. VS Super Thrash Bros.

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To be in a video game music cover band in 2019, there needs to be a gimmick of some sort. Fortunately, Super Thrash Bros. have a rock solid one. These gents combine wacky Smash Bros. themed showmanship and metal medleys with Smash Bros. themed costumes for a combination that can’t be beat! Today on XVGM Radio, Mike and Justin are lounging with Super Thrash Bros. members Eric Germain (Ness; Drums), Ryan Morris (Megaman; Guitar) and Nick Palmisano(Skull Kid; Bass) to listen to the band’s favorite medleys of their own. Then, we’ll compare one portion of the medley to it’s Thrash Bros. counterpart, head to head! Other members of Super Thrash Bros. who weren’t able to join us this time around include Ant Palmisano (Shiek, Guitar), Bryan Carroll (Master Hand), Ed Connolly (Crazy Hand).This versus match is worth every second! Hear Mike get schooled on “progressive punk” aka Thrash, hear all about how this band came together to rock, and…long blonde haired dudes headbanging while wearing Donkey Kong ties?! It’s all on this episode of XVGM Radio!

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Thanks to Super Thrash Bros. for coming on the show! Be sure to check out their website and their Bandcamp for their latest content! https://www.superthrashbros.com/

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All Medleys Performed and Arranged By Super Thrash Bros.

Intro : Kirby Medley

Metroid Medley – Metroid (NES, 1986) “Brinstar” – Hirokazu Tanaka

F-Zero Medley – F-Zero X (N64, 1998) “Mute City” – Tarō Bandō, Hajime Wakai,

Mario Medley – Super Mario World (SNES, 1990) “Bowser’s Castle” – Kōji Kondō

Mega Man Medley – Mega Man 2 (NES, 1988) “Flash Man” – Takashi Tateishi, Manami Matsumae, Yoshihiro Sakaguchi
Pokemon Medley – Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (GB, 1996) “Trainer Battle” – Junichi Masuda

Star Fox Medley – Star Fox (SNES, 1993) “Venom Base (Parts 1&3)” – Hajime Hirasawa

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